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I work with businesses and non-profits from coast to coast from a home base of Brooklyn, NY. With over a decade of graphic design experience and a MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, I strive to find creative and practical solutions to your design challenges. I specialize in print and web design, collaborating with trusted vendors and other experienced designers and web programmers to facilitate clients needs.

Also a mixed media artist, you can see the other side of my creative practice at mdeanstudio.com.

Rodeo Dog definition

1. (v) to agree, unwittingly, to engage in an unplanned activity and/or favor; usually perpetuated by a person for whom you have affection.

2. (n) An act or procedure which achieves an end by mildly deceptive means, but with no malicious intent.

3. example: You are invited out to lunch by your favorite aunt & somehow on the way there you find yourself spending 2 hours at Chico’s while she tries things on. In this case, you have been “rodeo dogged.” Someone else in your family may point this out to you by exclaiming “Rodeo dog!”


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Music National Service
Revolution Messaging
Vocalo.org / Chicago Public Radio
The American Scene
Gerrymander Presents
Kittrell Interiors
Before Your Party
Friends of the Bloomingdale Trail
ELA Foundation

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Obama Arts Policy Committee,
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Obama For America,
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